Top Seven Effective Tools for Enhancing Technical Article Writing

Top Seven Effective Tools for Enhancing Technical Article Writing

The career of writing technical articles offers individuals the opportunity to engage in it as a supplementary source of income, a primary occupation, or as a means to disseminate their ideas and coding expertise to a wider audience through written publications. It is recommended that developers engage in writing articles as a means to enhance their professional growth and success in their field.


While tools may not lead to a significant improvement in one's writing talents, they can certainly enhance productivity and efficiency when it comes to composing articles. Throughout my writing career, I have utilized a multitude of tools; yet, only a select few have left a lasting impression on me. I employ a limited amount of vocabulary during the process of writing, nevertheless the entirety of my utilized lexicon is presented herein.

These Tools Will Help You Rock in Technical Writing

With these tools, you can definitely rock in the field of technical writing and earn asmuch as you can. 


  1. Dropbox Paper 

Dropbox Paper is an innovative form of documentation specifically tailored to facilitate creative endeavors. The collaborative nature of this platform allows for real-time collaboration, job delegation, creation of to-do lists, and many functionalities. Commence the task at hand without delay. 


I employ it for the purpose of composing articles. The platform has gained significant recognition for its facilitation of sharing and collaborative efforts within the writing community. Markdown is widely embraced by developers as the standard method for composing content.


  1. Trello/Notion

A tool that integrates your typical work applications. Trello is an all-inclusive workspace for your team and you. Use any of these to organize your writing-related topic ideas, upcoming endeavors, and other information. 


Depending on your preferences, you can choose between Trello and Notion. Trello has an excellent board for project administration, while Notion can do the same and provide additional views. I would recommend Notion because you can do more in terms of views, appearance customization, and management simplification.


  1. Grammarly 

Millions of people rely on Grammarly's AI writing assistance to communicate with confidence and enjoy writing more. It's straightforward to get started; download the app today. Grammarly is an app that helps me correct my grammar errors. If you write frequently, you may know or utilize this term. It's helpful and of high quality. 


It is a fantastic aid for non-native English speakers like myself. I utilized their complimentary plan, which primarily assisted with grammar. Premium plans assisted with tone and sentence restructuring. I believe the premium plan will alter your intonation and writing style, so I recommend only using the free plan.I occasionally use Hemingway to shorten extensive sentences.


  1. Canva 

Canva is a free online utility for graphic design. With canva you can create social media posts, presentations, videos, and logos with it. A location where I create thumbnails and illustrations. There are numerous complimentary designs available on their website. You can easily modify an existing design or start from fresh. I have used many similar tools, but none compare to Canva. The number of available templates is impressive.


  1. Carbon 

Carbon is the simplest method for creating and sharing attractive source code images. I used this carbon to add attractive images to my code. I'd rather add code as text. So that others can replicate and test it readily. Still, I used to occasionally contribute code as an Image. When I need to explain syntax or code that is less likely to be replicated, I use this.


  1. CodeSandBox

CodeSandbox is a cloud-based development platform that enables developers to rapidly code, collaborate, and ship projects of any scale and scope from any device. When I need to submit the entire project along with the code to an article, I anticipate using this platform. Both have fantastic embedded support that can be viewed directly in the article. CodePen is favored if the project contains only HTML, CSS, and JS. Otherwise, CodeSanbox is beneficial for complex React or NextJS projects.


  1. Pika Style

Create stunning website and app mockups quickly and for free using screenshots. Pika allows you to capture website screenshots from a URL, add device and browser frames, and modify the background, among other features. Recently, I discovered this tool that provides screenshots with a beautiful backdrop. 


You can also include a link for capturing photographs. This is used in tooling articles where I discuss developer tools. I utilized Pika Style to capture screenshots of these websites in order to include them in the article. This section's gorgeous backgrounds are generated using the Pika design.

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